Start trapping stink bugs outdoors on April 1st!

The RESCUE!® Stink Bug Trap

So long, stink bugs!

Stu and other stink bugs have met their match in the RESCUE!® Stink Bug Trap. It's the only indoor/outdoor solution to the stink bug problem, and the only trap that catches all stages of the stink bug life cycle from juvenile (nymph) to adult. The trap is made of a durable plastic, is reusable, and works with a non-toxic mode of action to capture and kill stink bugs.

Stink bugs crawl or fly to the trap, walk up the green 'fins' and through the cone, and get trapped inside the clear chamber where they dehydrate.

Catching stink bugs outdoors:

Outdoor Stink Bug Trap

Outdoors, the RESCUE!® Stink Bug Trap works with long-lasting, odor-free pheromone attractants using AttracStik™ technology to lure and capture those stink bugs which are within a 30-foot radius.

The most effective use of the trap is outdoors starting April 1 and continuing through spring, summer and early fall. By catching adult stink bugs before they mate – or catching nymphs before they mature into adults – you can break the life cycle and make a significant dent in the population around your home.

Vegetable gardeners can protect their garden from hungry stink bugs by starting to use the RESCUE!® Stink Bug Trap on April 1st before the plants are established and creating a "stink bug barrier" all summer long using traps around the perimeter of the garden.

When fall rolls around, the trap will intercept stink bugs before they seek out homes to invade.

Catching stink bugs in the home:

Outdoor Stink Bug Trap

Indoors, the RESCUE!® Stink Bug Trap is used with the Stink Bug Light, which is sold separately. The Stink Bug Light is a special blue LED attachment that fits over the top of the trap and plugs into a wall outlet or battery pack to act as a sentinel for stink bugs and keep them away from you.

When stink bugs start to awaken from hibernation and move around the house (generally between January and April), the lighted RESCUE!® Stink Bug Trap can be placed in a darkened location where they congregate or where activity has been observed.

The RESCUE!® Stink Bug Trap was developed through years of testing and collaboration between Sterling International and researchers at the university and federal level.

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